1. By Your Side Kaylee Federmann 2:47
  2. Sweatshirt Kaylee Federmann 3:05
  3. The Game Kaylee Federmann 2:56
  4. Think Youve Won Kaylee Federmann 3:12
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Many things, including Kaylee’s struggle with dyslexia in school,
inspired the debut EP, By Your Side. Kaylee was drawn to writing
music rather than writing essays! Though most of the songs on the
EP have a romantic theme, some of the lyrics clearly reference her
hardship with academics. The EP was also created in honor of
Kaylee’s father, Benjamin Federmann, who passed away in 2012.
Her passion for writing music helped her to mourn and then begin
to move forward. Some of the inspiration for By Your Side also
came from challenges with friendships. Kaylee used her music to
transform confusion and anger into optimism and humor.

Kaylee Federmann’s By Your Side EP comprises of four original
songs and draws on experiences from different sides of friendship,
love, and loss. The EP’s consistent theme of independence and up-
growth is mature, enjoyable and inspiring, and it welcomes a wide
age-range of listeners. Overall, By Your Side says ‘make the most
of what you got’ and ‘put on that sweatshirt and dance!’

Kaylee’s By Your Side EP creates an all-around inclusive
environment, offering something to everyone who listens. The tracks
range from get-up- and-dance rhythmic beats to melodic and soulful
melodies. With so many choices of music today, By Your Side is an
honest and highly appealing take on pop-songwriting. Though the
songs run quick, they will leave you singing them the next morning.

Artist Bio

Kaylee Federmann is a fresh, young pop artist with a unique style that blends acoustic  feel with modern synth for an upbeat yet soulful vibe. Her original music captivates listeners with poetic and relatable stories reflecting her coming of age after a family tragedy. Strongly influenced by her dad’s love of 60’s and 70’s music, Kaylee grew up listening to Carole King, ABBA, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benatar, and The Beach Boys. After her dad passed away from cancer, Kaylee began to write, sing and play in ernest. Today, her rhythmic and heartfelt songs envelop listeners in poignant longing, joyful appreciation and even get-up-and-dance excitement.  Residing in the Boston area and only seventeen, Kaylee has performed at a number of venues including Club Passim, The Middle East, The Lansdowne, The Cantab Lounge, The Burren etc… She and her music have also been featured on several Boston radio stations such as The River 92.5, WEMF Boston Radio, Umass Amherst Spinal Vinyl, 95.9 WATD Almost Famous, and other college radio stations.

Kaylee released her debut EP, By Your Side, in January 2018 with the the help of a SONY Records™ sound engineer and songwriter and a local music producer. The EP is a tribute to her dad, and the third track, The Game, is written in his memory. That song’s melodic lyrics describe Kaylee’s personal journey of reminiscing and striving to let go. Kaylee is currently working on new demos that capture her new an honest style release date to be announcedKaylee’s music creates an all around inclusive environment, each song is an individual expression while offering something that everyone can enjoy and leaving you singing the next morning.
  • Jan01 Tavern At The End Of The World 108 Cambridge St, Charlestown, Massachusetts 02129 Free
  • Jan05 The Middle East 472-480 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139 Tickets

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